At the forefront of Nordic skiing and a global icon in Alpine skiing, Fischer Sports GmbH has etched its name in history with ground-breaking innovation and cutting-edge technology. With a legacy dating back to its inception in 1924 in Ried im Innkreis, Austria, Fischer has captivated the hearts of winter sports enthusiasts worldwide. From Nordic trails to alpine slopes, Fischer stands as the beacon of excellence for athletes seeking extraordinary moments and unmatched individual performance. As a testament to its unwavering commitment, the Fischer family continues to call Ried im Innkreis its global headquarters.

Fischer Apparel:

A Harmony of Style and Ski Culture

Fischer Apparel is proudly produced by VIST Italy SRL, an Italian-founded brand specialising in high quality winter clothing since 1997. Fischer Apparel bridges the essence of Fischer's ski culture with the art of high-performance clothing. Born from a partnership grounded in shared values, Fischer Apparel is meticulously designed to mirror the prowess of Fischer skis. Our vision is to empower wearers with apparel that doesn't just follow trends, but sets new benchmarks for technicality, functionality, and performance.

Championing Go-Getters

and Athletes Alike

The Fischer clothing line speaks to the daring, the driven, and the determined—those who push their limits on every slope and in every aspect of life. Whether conquering mountains or chasing dreams, Fischer Apparel stands as a reliable companion, offering a seamless blend of style and purpose. Our clothing is a statement, a commitment, and an embodiment of the Fischer spirit.


Trademarked Evotexx ®

At the core of Fischer Apparel lies our trademarked Evotexx ® technology—a marriage of sustainability and performance. We believe that clothing can be an instrument of positive change. Crafted with meticulous care, our fabric boasts unparalleled breathability, windproof and waterproof qualities, ready to defy even the harshest elements. What truly sets Evotexx ® apart is its commitment to the environment. Fashioned from recycled and solution-dyed textiles, this fabric reduces water usage and CO2 emissions, leaving a remarkably light carbon footprint.

Legacy Meets


As a cherished member of the Fischer family, Fischer Apparel embodies the legacy of excellence while embracing innovation. This isn't just clothing; it's a declaration of devotion to the sport, a pledge to the environment, and an emblem of the Fischer way of
life. With every garment, we pay homage to the past, cater to the present, and carve a path toward an exhilarating future.